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Akaro Family

Building A house!

Monday 12th October 2020

Our latest project is to build a house for the Akaro family.

The mother Zaina, a widow, lives with her three daughters, Abutuini (15),Tausi (13)

and Asha (12),in a mud hut.



There are so many holes in the house that the rain is coming in. 


We want to build a new house for them so they will be safe. 


The girls want to complete their education but it's almost impossible to study in these conditions. 


After school they have to cut grass in order to buy food. Unfortunately due to extremely poor living conditions it actually rains on them while they sleep!

Please help us by clicking DONATE at the top right of this page and giving what you can, alternatively our Bank Account details are PTSB HIgh St Kilkenny, A/C 10520476

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