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Kilimanjaro Direct (KD) is a charity that has built 10 houses and a primary school in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania














KD provides food and education for 125 impoverished children.


Kilimanjaro Direct was founded in 2005 by Sheila Ryan,as a response to the poverty she witnessed during a holiday to the area.


Sheila has been the definition of selfless since day 1 and nothing has changed almost 15 years on!

She has been directly involved in helping to build 10 houses for familys along with supplying food and animals to countless others.

Her vision has been to "alleviate poverty through education".

Liberty English Medium Primary School has been running for 8 years now, providing a happy learning environment, as well as a healthy breakfast and lunch everyday.

We salute you Sheila for all that you have done for these children and families in need!!


Our school is run on donations alone.

The ethos of the charity is that 100% of ALL donations go directly to the running of the school and not 1 cent is taken for expenses or administration fees. Everybody involved in the charity pays their own expenses and raise much needed funds to keep the school going purely out of the goodness of their hearts.


Please join us on our journey to provide children with the basic human rights of good food and education by becoming a patron of our school.

Thank you to all those kind people who have supported Sheila and continue to support all her noble work.

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